My situation changes

Is something changing in your life? Changes in your work or private life could have an impact on your pension. Often, we are informed of the changes automatically, but sometimes you need to arrange something yourself.

My private situation is changing 

Are you going to live with your partner or get married?

Congratulations! This may have consequences for your pension. 

  • Read here what will change for your pension if you marry or register your partnership.
  • Read here what will change for your pension if you are going to live together with your partner.

Are you and your partner splitting up?

Then you have many arrangements to make. Including for your pension. We will be happy to help you with this. 

  • Read here what you need to arrange if you divorce (under construction)
  • Read here what you need to arrange if you and your partner no longer live together


Congratulations on the birth or adoption of your childYou are not required to notify us of this. Nothing changes with regard to your pension.  

If you move home, nothing changes with regard to your pension

If you move within the Netherlands, you must register in your new municipality. The municipal authority will then inform us of your new address, so you do not need to do this yourself. 

Are you moving to a new home outside the Netherlands? 

You must then inform us of your new address. Send an email with your new address to You can also send us a letter. The address is shown on the contact page. 

What happens if you die?

Usually, your partner and children will then receive a pension. If you live in the Netherlands, we will automatically be informed of your death. Your partner and children will not need to do anything for thisIf you live outside the Netherlands, your surviving dependants must notify us of your death. 

My work situation is changing

Do you have a new job?

CongratulationsYou now accrue pension (capital) with us, because your employer is registered with us. Would you like to know what you can already arrange now? 

Are you temporarily unemployed?

That’s unfortunate. You will not accrue any pension (capital) with us. Naturally, the pension capital that you have already accrued with us remains yours.

Will you be retiring soon?

Then a special period is beginning. Prepare well for this, before you retire. 

What if you become sick or disabled?

For the first two years of illness, you will still receive a salary. If this is less than when you were still working, you will probably also accrue less pension. 

Are you taking up leave?

You do not need to inform us of this. But if you take up parental leave or unpaid leave, for example, that could have consequences for your pension.