Logging in to MijnPGB

On your personal ‘MijnPGB’ pension pages you can view and change your personal information. Please note that you will be automatically logged out of ‘MijnPGB’ after more than 15 minutes of inactivity on the site. We do this to protect your information. This is how you can log in securely to ‘MijnPGB’:

Log in with DigiD

Log in with DigiD with SMS verification or the DigiD app. You can download the app or add SMS verification at DigiD.nl.


Use a different login method

Do you live outside the Netherlands?

You can log in using your BSN and password

DigiD settings

  • Logging in for the first time with DigiD

    Your DigiD must be activated before you log in to ‘MijnPGB’ for the first time. It can take up to 3 days before you receive a code you can use to activate your DigiD. If you prefer to log in using the app, the app itself must also be activated when you use it for the first time so that we know for sure that the request is coming from you. Read all about it on the official DigiD site.

  • Logging in with an SMS code

    A password is no longer sufficient to log in securely. Your password could fall into the wrong hands after all. That’s why, to verify that it’s really you, we use DigiD and have a verification code sent to a device that only you have access to. You can use a phone or tablet with a SIM card to receive an SMS required for the second login step. Read all about it on the official DigiD website: DigiD | SMS verification.

  • Logging in using the DigiD app

    The easiest way to securely log in to our portal with DigiD and a second verification step is to use the DigiD app on your smartphone. This is explained in detail on the official DigiD website operated by the Dutch government: DigiD | DigiD app.

  • Why we use DigiD

    DigiD has been specially developed by the Dutch government as a secure login method for their own services, but other organisations like pension funds use it too. It is safe and robust. Read all about it on the official DigiD website.