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Our coverage ratio on 31 October 2023: 117.1% 
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Frequently asked questions about the new pension

Your pension is about to change. In the future, it will become more your own and it will fluctuate more with good and bad economic times. We understand this raises questions and concerns,
which is why we have listed the most important questions and answers for you. If you can’t find your question, please contact our client assistance team. We’ll be happy to assist you.

The pension puzzle for 2024

You may have already heard or seen it in the media. An article appeared last week that pension increases may be ‘put on hold’, despite the improved financial position of many pension funds. I can understand if you have questions about this. So allow me to explain the puzzle we are currently solving and the challenges we encounter. 

23 November 2023

Your pension will increase by 5.2% in 2024

That was the decision made by the board on 16 November 2023. The 5.2% increase applies to all (former) participants, (former) partners and pension recipients of Pensioenfonds PGB and will come into effect on 1 January 2024.

20 November 2023

Extra pension choice ‘lump sum’ postponed again

To withdraw part of your pension in one go when you retire (a lump sum) is postponed again. This is possible from 1 January 2025 at the earliest. Minister Schouten informed the House of Representatives that the previously announced effective date of 1 July 2024 is no longer feasible.

14 November 2023

How would you like us to invest for your pension?

You either have a pension with us or receive a pension from us. Either way, a pension that best protects you from inflation is what we all desire. As a pension fund, we aim to deliver by investing in such a way that your pension grows consistently. We regularly check whether our way of investing still suits your needs and wishes which is why we are conducting this survey, in collaboration with Onderzoeksbureau IG&H. Your feedback and input helps determine whether out investment strategies still meet these needs and is greatly appreciated!

We take investing in a socially responsible way very seriously

Pensioenfonds PGB considers it essential that our investments offer a good return but are, at the same time, socially responsible. Consequently, we invest in accordance with the United Nation’s Global Compact Principles.

Who we are

Pensioenfonds PGB is the pension fund for and arranged by social partners from various sectors. Together, we ensure a good and affordable pension for our participants. Every sector and every employer is different. Consequently, social partners and employers decide for themselves just what sort of pension scheme they want us to provide for them.