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Coverage ratio April 30 2022: 114.4%

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Additional choice when you retire: take out a ‘lump sum’

From 2023, you will be able to take out part of your pension in one go when you retire. You will then receive a maximum of 10% of your retirement pension in one go. This is laid down in a new law that will probably come into force on 1 January 2023.

Financial situation further improved despite investment losses

In our first quarterly report of 2022, chairman of the Board Jochem Dijckmeester stated: “Our policy coverage ratio increased from 111.5% to 113.6% in the past quarter. At the same time, we had to deal with turmoil in the financial markets, triggered by the conflict in Ukraine, rising inflation expectations and interest rate increases. This resulted in significant losses on our investments. Our liabilities fell due to rising interest rates. This more than made up for our investment losses.”

We take investing in a socially responsible way very seriously

Pensioenfonds PGB considers it essential that our investments offer a good return but are, at the same time, socially responsible. Consequently, we invest in accordance with the United Nation’s Global Compact Principles.

Who we are

Pensioenfonds PGB is the pension fund for and arranged by social partners from various sectors. Together, we ensure a good and affordable pension for our participants. Every sector and every employer is different. Consequently, social partners and employers decide for themselves just what sort of pension scheme they want us to provide for them.