Pension with Pensioenfonds PGB

If you are currently working, or worked in the past for an employer registered with Pensioenfonds PGB, you accrued pension (capital) with us via your employer. If you are retiring, you will receive your pension from us.

I accrue pension

Your pension is part of your income for later. Every month, you and your employer contribute towards your pension capital. When you retire, this will be part of the money that you have to live on. 

I receive pension

You will receive pension payments from us every month. It is important to know the status of your pension, and what we arrange for you. And of course, what you can still arrange for yourself.

The new pension: what you need to know

You may be wondering about the new pension system. For years, there have been calls that the pension system must be adjusted. Do you want to know how the new pension system affects you?