The new pension: what you need to know

On our way to a new pension system

You may be wondering about the new pension system. For years, there have been calls that the pension system must be adjusted. The government, various committees, the pension sector and other stakeholders have been in talks with each other for some time. What are the results of all those talks? And perhaps you simply want to know how the new system will affect you. We will answer these and other questions on this page.

Why a new pension system?

Curious about why we are getting a new pension system?

What stays the same and what changes?

The most important changes at a glance.

How will it affect my pension?

Find out here how the new pension will affect you.

When do the new rules come into effect?

The timeline takes you through the steps we will take in the coming years.

Is there something I can do?

Find out what you can do for your pension.