What stays the same and what changes?

The starting point is: don’t change a winning team. In other words: the strengths of the current pension system will remain unchanged:

  • The state pension (AOW) (this is the benefit you later receive from the government) is retained;
  • You continue to accrue pension through your employer;
  • We continue to share risks;
    In the new system, we will continue to save for a lifelong pension and we will still share the risks of old age, death and occupational disability.

The most important change is that everyone will soon accrue pension in a defined contribution scheme. You will be accruing a pension capital instead of pension entitlements. We invest that pension capital to ensure it grows. Your personal pension fund assets then move along with the investment returns. It tends to go up when the economy is doing well, and down when the economy is doing poorly. There will soon be two pension contracts: one based on more collective pension fund assets and one based on individual pension fund assets with greater freedom of choice.

Employers in the sea fishing and wholesale of flowers and plants sectors

Some of the employers affiliated with us already have a scheme in place under which employees accrue pension capital. For example, employees in the sea fishing or wholesale of flowers and plants sectors. They are already accruing pension capital. Other employees have a pension scheme under which they are still accruing entitlements.