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Our coverage ratio on 31 August 2023: 117.1%

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On our way to a new pension system

Working on our pension… or rather: working on a pension that fits in with the new pension. We don’t do that alone. We do this together with employers and employees. But why work on a new pension now? For now, the new pension isn’t in place yet, is it? That’s right.

1 August 2023

Further improvement in our financial position

In our second quarterly report of 2023, Chairman of the Board Jochem Dijckmeester says: “The financial position of Pensioenfonds PGB improved again in the second quarter of 2023. We achieved a positive investment result of 4.5% for the first half of the year. The current funding ratio also increased. This is due to good returns on our investments and rising market interest rates.”

27 June 2023

Anne Kock-de Kreuk new Board member Pensioenfonds PGB

On 22 June, Anne Kock-de Kreuk joined the Board of Pensioenfonds PGB. She specialises in (socially responsible) investments, risk management and governance around asset management. She is a member of the balance sheet management committee.

16 June 2023

Pensioenfonds PGB wins Pensioen Pro Award

The annual Pensioen Pro Awards were presented on Thursday 15 June. Pensioenfonds PGB won the prize for ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Governance’ because of our internal ombudsman Ans Bouwmans.

Who are we?

Pensioenfonds PGB is the pension fund for and by social partners from various sectors. We work together with them on the best possible affordable pensions. Every sector is different, as is every employer. This is why the social partners and employers decide the arrangements for their pension schemes with us for themselves.