Passing on pension details using the Uniform Pension Submission system (UPA)

As you undoubtedly want your pension administration to be quick and efficient, we have changed the way in which you pass on your pension details to us. On this page you can read all about the Uniform Pension Submission (UPA) and what it actually entails as far as you are concerned.

What is the Uniform Pension Submission (UPA) and how does it work?

UPA is a Dutch acronym which stands for Uniforme Pensioen Aangifte, which in English translates as Uniform Pension Submission. It is a new standard system enabling your details to be passed on directly from your salary package. It is quick, efficient and reduces the chance of mistakes being made.

If there any errors in your UPA message, you will immediately see these in your salary package and on You should correct the errors in your salary package yourself, then send us a corrected UPA-message.


  • What to do in special situations (e.g. parental leave, state pension (AOW) or trainee placements)

    Parental leave
    Parental leave is a special situation that occurs frequently.

    What do you report via UPA?
    Via UPA, you report the number of pensionable hours and the full-time annual salary on the basis of the actual situation.

    Example: your employee has a full-time annual salary of €2,500 per month and a contract for 40 hours per week (i.e. 173.33 hours per month). Your employee takes up parental leave for one day per week from 1 March. From 1 March, you report the full-time annual salary and the number of hours on the basis of 80%. You therefore report a full-time annual salary of €2,000 per month and 138.67 hours. Note that you do not need to adjust the contract hours and the standard hours in your salary package.

    What else do you need to do?
    In order to report, sign off or change parental leave, you complete a file. Once you have completed this, you can upload it at (click ‘Information’ (Informatie) and then select ‘File Exchange’ (Bestandsuitwisseling). Do this within a month of the change.
    Please note: this does not, therefore, take place via UPA.

    You must also make extra arrangements in the following cases:

    • Employees who reach the retirement age for the state pension (AOW)
    • Additional partner’s pension (APP)
    • On-call employees
    • Continued salary payment during periods of illness and incapacity for work
    • Leave
    • Managing directors and major shareholders (DGAs)
    • Trainees
    • Conscientious objectors
    • Reduction in working hours/life phase policy
    • (Temporarily) no employees
    • Parental leave (OSV)
    • Individual insurance under the General Surviving Dependants Act (ANW)
    • Net partner’s pension

    The guidelines explain what you should do in these cases.

Frequently asked questions about the UPA

  • Am I obliged to transfer to the UPA system?

    Yes, it’s compulsory. When it becomes compulsory depends on your pension scheme. Transferring to the UPA has advantages for both you and us. When everyone submits their details in the same way, our pension administration will be faster and more efficient.

    If you have a defined contribution scheme:
    You have been obliged to send your details via the UPA system since 1 January 2018.

    If you have an average salary scheme
    You will be obliged to send your details via the UPA system as of 2019.

  • What are the advantages of the UPA system?

    Transferring to the UPA system has advantages for both you and your employees:

    Your pension administration will take less time
    This is because you (or your administration office) can provide the details to us directly from the salary package. Informing us separately when employees enter or leave your employment will no longer be necessary; nor will you have to send us any annual wage details.

    You will then be invoiced on the basis of up-to-date information
    When preparing your invoices, we work on the basis of the details you (or your administration office) have sent us. This means the chance of any unpleasant surprises is significantly lower.

    Your register of participants will be more up to date
    This is due to the fact that we will receive and, therefore, process your details more quickly. On, there is an overview of all your employees who accrue pensions with us.

Naturally, we keep this overview up-to-date as far as possible. If your question is not answered here, you can always call us or send us an email. We will be happy to assist you. You can call our UPA team on +31 20 5418300 or send an email.