Do you want Pensioenfonds PGB to administer the pension scheme for your employees? We can do that! You are very welcome. In some cases, you are obliged to register your employees with Pensioenfonds PGB. In many cases, you can also do this voluntarily. You will find information about this on this page.

Click here if you want to view the pension schemes of Pensioenfonds PGB directly or click here for the additional schemes.

Mandatory registration

Some companies are required to register their employee with Pensioenfonds PGB. In some situations, you can be granted an exemption.

Voluntary registration

Do you want to arrange pensions well for your employees? If the social partners in your sector have not made any agreements on mandatory registration with us or another pension fund, in many cases you will be welcome at Pensioenfonds PGB!

Information on registration for advisers

Are you a pension adviser, or do you already know which scheme you want to contract?

New at Pensioenfonds PGB


We make good provision for your employees’ pensions. This video welcomes you personally and gives a brief explanation of your pension at Pensioenfonds PGB.

Average salary scheme

With an average salary scheme, employees accrue part of their pension each year. All these portions combined form their ultimate pension.

Defined contribution scheme

With a defined contribution scheme, employees accrue pension capital. With this capital, they buy a pension.

Hybrid scheme

This is a combination of an average salary scheme and a defined contribution scheme.

Pension schemes at Pensioenfonds PGB

Supplementary schemes

ANW-Plus insurance

More financial security for your employee’s partner if your employee dies.

Disability pension

More financial security for your employees if they become disabled.