New at Pensioenfonds PGB

Welcome to Pensioenfonds PGB! Recently, your employees started accruing pension with us recently. We wish to ensure your employees’ pensions are arranged optimally. After all, this involves the money which they will, at a later date, have to live on.
  • You organise your affiliation in five steps

    You will receive a letter from us confirming your registration. In this letter, you will also find your affiliation number. You require this number to access Via this website, you provide us with your employees’ salary details. You also register and deregister your employees via this website.

    Step 1: Register your organisation on
    You go to and click on ‘Register’ which you can find at the bottom of the page. Subsequently, you fill in your details. Within five days, you will receive your password in the post.

    Step 2: Check that the correct administration office is linked to your account
    Ensure that your administration office is authorised to access and/or change the details you have submitted. You do this under the heading ‘Authorisation’ (Machtigingen). This office should be able to log in to an individual account. You can pass on your affiliation number to them under ‘Authorisation’.

    Step 3: Make your first Uniform Submission of Pension Data (UPA)
    Every month, you send us a list of participants who are joining and leaving via the Uniform Submission of Pensions Data (the UPA). To this end, you make a link between our administration and your salary software package (or service office). To do so, you should go to the “UPA settings” on

    • Are you going to complete and submit the UPA yourself? Then please follow all the steps.
    • Is your salary administration or service office going to complete and submit the UPA?
        Please state that here.

      After logging in with their own affiliation number, your salary administration can submit the UPA on your behalf.

    For more information about the UPA, please refer to this page.

    Step 4: Please give us permission to arrange automatic payments
    If you have not, as yet, given us permission to arrange automatic payments, you can still do so. To that end, you should make use of this form (in Dutch only).

    Step 5: Decide if you would like to arrange anything extra for your employees
    Depending on your pension scheme, there are five ways in which you can offer your employees something extra:

    Click here for the supplementary schemes.

    Step 6: Informing your employees about their pensions
    Within three months of receiving your first UPA, we will provide pension information to your employees. You can help us do so, by, for example, referring your employees to this page.

We’re happy to help!

For example, if you have questions about your pension contract. Or if you need help preparing your administration for UPA. You can call us on 020 541 83 00 or mail us.
We’re at your beck and call!