Disability pension

More financial security for your employees if they become disabled.

If your employee is at least 35% incapacitated for work, they will receive benefits under the Dutch Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA) from the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). The amount of these benefits depends on:

  • the percentage for which your employee is incapacitated for work, and;
  • the salary on which the UWV bases the benefit calculations, up to a maximum of €58,311 (amount in 2021).

This means that employees with an income of more than €58,311 will have a substantially lower income if they become disabled. You can insure disability pension with us for income in excess of this limit. This is known as a WIA Top-Up pension.

How much disability pension will your employee receive?

The maximum disability pension is 70% of the income in excess of €58,311. We calculate the disability pension on the basis of this table:

Disability percentage Benefit percentage Amount of WIA top-up pension
Less than 35% 0% 0%
35% to 45% 40% 40% * 70% = 28%
45% to 55% 50% 50% * 70% = 35%
55% to 65% 60% 60% * 70% = 42%
65% to 80% 72,5% 72.5% * 70% = 50.75%
80% to 100% 100% 100% * 70% = 70%

For example, if your employee earns €80,000 and becomes 45% to 55% incapacitated for work, we will pay him or her:
(€80,000 - €58,311) x 50% x 70% = €7,591.15 gross per year. We increase this pension by 1.5% each year.

Please note: If your employee is less incapacitated for work, or no longer incapacitated for work, his or her disability pension will change or will be discontinued. We are notified of this automatically by the UWV. The pension payments will also stop when your employee receives the state retirement pension.

What are the costs?

For each employee, you pay 1.4% of the salary in excess of €58,311 (amount in 2021). You can share these costs with your employees, on condition that you contract this as group insurance for all your employees.

How to arrange disability pension

Please contact us if you are interested in top-up disability insurance for your employees. We will also explain the conditions.

You can call us on +31 20 541 8300 or send us an email at relatiebeheer@pensioenfondspgb.nl