Extra retirement pension for your employees

More financial security for your employees when they retire.

You may be able to arrange extra retirement pension for your employees, on condition that they have the fiscal scope to accrue extra pension tax-free, and that you contract this as group insurance for all your employees.

  • If you have an average salary scheme with us, you may be able to increase the accrual percentage.

    You pay us a monthly sum for the accrual of extra retirement pension. The accrual percentage determines how much pension your employees accrue. If the accrual percentage in your pension scheme is currently less than 1.875%, you can increase this. For example, if the accrual percentage is 1.75%, you can arrange for your employees to accrue a maximum of 0.125% extra pension. In total, your employees will then accrue 1.875% pension. See layer 2 of your Pension 1-2-3 for a sample calculation of the accrual percentage.

Your employees can arrange extra retirement pension with us
Each year, your employees are legally allowed to accrue a certain amount of pension tax free. We refer to this as the tax scope. If, in any year, your employee does not use all its tax scope, your employee may accrue extra pension itself. In Pension 1-2-3, your employee can read how it accrues extra pension capital with us.

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How to arrange extra retirement pension for your employees

Please contact us if you are interested in the accrual of extra retirement pension for your employees. We will then calculate the costs for you and will also explain the conditions.

You can call us on +31 20 541 8300 or send us an email at relatiebeheer@pensioenfondspgb.nl