Anw-Plus insurance

More financial security for the partner if your employee dies.

The General Surviving Dependants Act (Anw) provides for the state partner’s pension (AOW). If your employee dies, their partner will receive this pension if he or she complies with the following conditions:

  • The partner does not yet receive a state retirement pension, and;
  • The partner cares for one or more children aged less than 18, or;
  • The partner is more than 45% incapacitated for work.

Unfortunately, few people receive Anw benefits from the government, because there is an income limit. For that reason, you can insure an Anw top-up pension with us: the ‘Anw-Plus’ pension.

You choose how much Anw Plus pension to insure

You can insure a maximum of €20,411 gross per year (amount in 2023) for each employee. Naturally, you can also choose a lower amount. But do note that the surviving partner will only be entitled to this if:

  • the employee is still in the service of your company when they die;
  • and for as long as the surviving partner has not reached the age for the state retirement pension.

Insuring the costs of the Anw-Plus pension

For the Anw-Plus insurance, we charge 1.2% of the insured amount per employee per year for all your employees. For example, if you have 30 employees and want to contract Anw-Plus insurance of €10,000, this will cost you:

Insured sum €10,000 * 30 employees * 1.2% contribution = €3,600 per year.

Your employees can also contract this insurance with us individually, but a different contribution will then apply, depending on the age of the employee and that of the partner.

How to arrange Anw-Plus insurance

Please contact us if you are interested in Anw-Plus insurance for your employees.

You can call us on +31 20 541 8300 or send us an email at