New at Pensioenfonds PGB

Welcome to Pensioenfonds PGB! You recently started work for an employer who is registered with us. Or we recently started administering the pension scheme of your employer. We will take care of your pension. In this video, we welcome you personally and give a brief explanation of your pension at Pensioenfonds PGB.

There are a number of choices you have to make regarding your pension. These choices depend on your situation:

  • You continue to accrue pension with Pensioenfonds PGB

    Via your new employer, you’ll continue to accrue pension with us. However, it is highly probable that you’ll have a new pension scheme. You can refer to both schemes in MijnPGBpensioen.

    We will send you a letter, explaining the choices you have. These choices depend on your new pension scheme.

    1. Do you wish to accrue extra pension for yourself?
    You may be able to accrue extra pension with us. If you did so at your previous employer's, this accrual will have stopped when you started your new job. Here you can read how to accrue extra pension.

    2. Do you wish to accrue extra pension for your partner?
    If your partner is to receive less than 70% of the retirement pension if you die after leaving your employer's employent, you can accrue extra pension for your partner. You can read how this works here.

    3. Do you wish to insure surviving dependant's pension (ANW-pensioen) for your partner?
    You can insure a surviving dependants (ANW) pension for your partner. Your partner will receive this extra pension as a supplement to his/her partner’s pension if you die. Here you can read what a surviving dependant's pension is and how to arrange one.

Do you find it difficult to make choices? 
We understand this. To be fair, pensions are often quite complicated. Good to know: we are happy to help you.  You can phone us on 020 541 82 00 or e-mail us at to make an appointment for a personal consultation. Please let us know if you would like to phone, video call or visit us. We will then be happy to make an appointment with you.