Anw-Plus insurance

You can insure a surviving dependants (Anw-plus) pension for your partner.

Every month (via your employer), you pay an amount to insure a surviving dependant’s plus pension - an Anw-Plus Insurance. When you die, your partner will receive this pension as well as the partner’s pension. However, this pension will cease to be paid when your partner starts receiving a state pension.

What is a surviving dependant's (Anw) pension?
Anw is an acronym for Algemene Nabestaandenwet which is translated as the Surviving Dependants Act. It is a partner’s pension from the government. This pension is intended for your partner if you die. Your partner will receive this pension provided he or she fulfils the following conditions:

  • your partner is not yet receiving a state pension (AOW) from the government; and
  • your partner takes care of one or more children under the age of 18; or
  • your partner is more than 45% occupationally disabled.

Unfortunately, few people receive a surviving dependant’s pension (ANW) from the government. This is because an income limit is applicable. Consequently, through us, you can also insure a surviving dependant’s plus pension (ANW-Plus pension).

You choose how much Anw-Plus pension you wish to insure 
You can insure a maximum of € 21,805 gross per year (amount 2024). This is the statutory limit. However, a lower limit is also possible. 

You choose when to have your Anw-Plus pension paid out
There are two moments when this can be done:

  1. after your death, from the time your youngest child turns 18 years of age until your partner
    starts receiving a state pension (AOW);
  2. from the time of your death until your partner starts receiving a state pension (AOW). 

Arranging the insurance for an Anw-Plus pension?
You can arrange an ANW-Plus insurance via our Customer Services Department. Just send an email to: with the following information:

  1. Your 11-figure registration number at Pensioenfonds PGB;
  2. The start date of your Anw-Plus insurance;
  3. The date of birth of your youngest child;
  4. The percentage for which your partner is incapacitated for work;
  5. You partner’s gross income (wages or benefits) per month, exclusive of holiday allowance;
  6. Amount of monthly benefits commencing immediately on your decease;
  7. Amount of deferred monthly benefits on your decease. Applicable only if the youngest child is aged less than 18.

You will then receive a proposal from us within two weeks. You can request a proposal for Anw-Plus insurance at any time while you are accruing a pension with us. You should do this within 3 months of: 

  • starting your new job;
  • getting married or registering your partnership;
  • registering your cohabiting partner with us.

N.B. If you conclude this insurance at a later date, you will have to complete a medical questionnaire. Consequently, you may not be eligible to insure an ANW-Plus pension or you may have to pay a higher premium.