Extra partner's pension

You can opt to accrue extra pension for your partner. Via your employer, you pay us an amount to accrue extra pension for your partner. Your partner will receive this pension when you die.

How much extra partner's pension can be accrued?
Pursuant to the law, you can accrue a maximum amount of partner’s pension tax free each year. For the majority of people, this is 70% of their retirement pension. The scope you have to accrue extra partner’s pension depends on your pension scheme.

On mijnpgbpensioen.nl, you can calculate how much extra partner's pension you can accrue and what that will cost.

Terminating the accrual of extra partner's pension

The accrual of extra partner’s pension will terminate automatically if you leave your employer, retire or start receiving your state pension (AOW). However, If you simply wish to terminate the accrual of extra partner’s pension, you should do so by informing PGB in writing two months before the end of the calendar year. 

You can send an e-mail to: ks@pensioenfondspgb.nl or you can send us a letter.