Partner's pension

A partner’s pension is the pension that your partner receives if you predecease him/her. Your partner will only receive this pension if you have provided us with his/her details. On this page you can read how you register your partner with us.

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Check if your partner is registered with us

Are you married or in a registered partnership? In that case, we will automatically receive your partner’s details from the local authorities in the municipality where you live. If you decide to live together, you will need to register your partner with us yourself. You will find the relevant form at the bottom of this page. Want to know about living together and the partner’s pension? Then visit this page.


Amongst other things, the amount your partner receives depends on when you actually die
The amount also depends on the way in which you accrue a partner’s pension.
Suppose you die while you are still in the service of your current employer. In that case your partner will receive 70% of the pension you could have accrued had you worked until your state retirement age (AOW-leeftijd). However, should you die after you have left your employer or have already retired, your partner will only receive the partner’s pension you had accrued up until the date you left your employer.

When you leave your employer, we convert a part of your pension into a partner’s pension
Suppose you leave your current employer, when that happens your partner’s pension will often be considerably lower than it would have been if you’d died while in active employment. Consequently, after you leave your employer, we automatically convert part of your retirement pension into a partner’s pension. If you were then to die, your partner will receive a higher partner’s pension from us due to this exchange. However, your own retirement pension will be lower due to this exchange. 

Do you not want part of your pension to be converted into a partner’s pension?
We will send you a pension statement at the end of your pension accrual. Enclosed with this will be a form “Objection to automatic conversion”. If you do not want part of your pension to be converted into a partner’s pension, you use this form to inform us of this fact.  

Look what has been arranged for your partner on
On your own personal page, the pension planner will show you how much pension your partner will receive after your death. Here you can see what the situation is before you retire and what your partner will receive if you have already retired. In your Pension 1-2-3, you can see what arrangements your current pension scheme offers your partner. You can also opt to accrue extra pension for your partner. On this page you can read more about this.  

We will be informed of your death automatically
Your municipality will inform us of your death. We will then check whether your partner and children are entitled to a pension. If you are still employed by your employer at the time of your death, we will ask your employer for your most recent salary details. We require these to calculate the partner’s and orphan’s pension for your surviving dependents. The calculation is made on the basis of your average salary over the past three years. If you have a partner who is entitled to a partner’s pension, then your partner will receive a letter from us with an application form enclosed.  He/she should use this to apply for a partner’s pension; and, if applicable, for an orphan’s pension for your children.

Your surviving dependents must inform us of your death if you live abroad
If you live abroad, your municipality will not inform us of your death. Your surviving dependents have to do that themselves. They should do this by sending us a copy of your death certificate.

They should scan the death certificate and then send it to:
Or you can send it to us by post.  

If, at the time of your retirement,  you do not have a partner 
Then you can convert the accrued partner’s pension into extra pension for you, yourself!