Mandatory registration

Some companies are obliged to register their employees with Pensioenfonds PGB; this is due to a decision taken by the social partners in that sector.
  • Which sectors are obliged to offer a PGB Pensioenfonds pension scheme?

    Seven branches of industry are obliged to offer a pension schemes through PGB:
    - Graphic arts industry
    - Cardboard and Flexible Packaging industry
    - Paint and Printing Inks industry
    - Sea Fisheries
    - Wholesale trade in flowers and plants
    - Agrarian and food supply industry (AFS)
    - Travel industry

    If you wish to know what the terms of compulsory affiliation are, you can refer to our order for mandatory participation.

  • Participation exemption

    In some circumstances you can be exempt from compulsory participation. Pursuant to the law, there are circumstances in which you are entitled to an exemption. Moreover, there are also circumstances in which you can voluntarily obtain exemption.

    Legal reasons for exemption
    - For at least six months prior to the scheme in your sector becoming mandatory, you had a pension scheme.
    - You are part, or will be part, of a group which has its own pension scheme.
    - Your company has its own collective labour agreement and pension scheme.
    - Our investment results are unsatisfactory.

    Voluntary exemption
    You can find the terms for voluntary exemption in the rules for exemption from compulsory participation and contribution payment. Are you eligible for voluntary exemption? If so, you should submit your request to

    How do I request exemption?
    To request exemption you have to contact us. The information we require, depends on the reasons you are requesting exemption. The Board will decide whether or not to grant you exemption.

    You can phone us on: +31 (00) 20 541 83 00
    Or send an email to: