Average salary scheme

The amount of the pension depends on the average (of your) salary.

With an average salary scheme, employees build up a part of their pension each year. All these bits together form their final pension.

Pensioenfonds PGB administers various average salary schemes for affiliated business sectors and undertakings. In the basic scheme, variations are possible in the accrual percentage, partner’s pension, offset sum, wage definition and contribution waiver. In addition, supplementary collective schemes, a combination scheme and supplementary agreements are all possibilities.

The amount of the final pension depends on:
- the average salary of an employee;
- the accrual percentage of retirement pension;
- - the number of years that an employee builds up pension;
- the age at which an employee retires. 

            This is also included in the scheme
partner pension ​a maximum of 70% of the retirement pension
​orphan's pension ​14% of the retirements pension
​non-contributory building up ​with invalidity
​supplement scheme ​a conditional increase of a maximum of 2%