Voluntary registration

Do you want to arrange pensions well for your employees? If the social partners in your sector have not made any agreements on mandatory registration with us or another pension fund, in many cases you will be welcome at Pensioenfonds PGB!

You decide for yourself (or together with an adviser) which pension scheme best suits you and your employees. This page explains the possibilities and how you can register.

Choice: average salary scheme or defined contribution scheme

The first choice that you make is for the type of pension scheme. We offer two types of scheme, an average salary scheme and a defined contribution scheme. The features of these schemes are described below.

  • Average salary scheme

    With an average salary scheme, your employees accrue an old age pension with us.

    Your employees know right away how much pension they can receive later.

    They accrue a part of their pension each year. All these parts together form their final pension. If your employee retires, they will receive a life-long pension from us. This pension may change if the economy is doing very well, or very badly.

    The contribution that we charge for pension accrual is the same for all your employees.

    The contributions may increase or decrease each year. This depends partly on interest rates.

  • Defined contribution scheme

    With a defined contribution scheme, your employees do not know right away how much pension they could receive later.

    We invest the contributions that you and your employees pay. Your employees therefore benefit immediately from good investment results, but investment results can also be negative. Your employee’s pension capital consists of the total of the contributions and the investment results.

    Your employees choose the level of risk for the investment of the pension capital themselves.

    The contributions for a defined contribution scheme are lower for younger employees than for older ones.

    ​After all, the capital of a younger employee can be invested for much longer. We can also take somewhat higher risks for younger employees. As the employer, your costs for the scheme are consequently more predictable.

What other standard arrangements are made for your employees?

  • Partner’s and orphan’s pension for your employee’s surviving dependants if your employee dies.
  • Non-contributory pension accrual in the event of incapacity for work. As a result, your employees still accrue pension if they become incapacitated for work, but Pensioenfonds PGB pays the costs of this accrual.

Once you have made a choice, you then make a number of other choices. Contact us for the choices. You can call us on +31 20 541 83 00 or send an email to relatiebeheer@pensioenfondspgb.nl. We will be happy to discuss the options with you.