Having your say about the new system

The new rules for pensions mean a lot will change. Want to have a say in the choices made by industries and employers? You can. Here you can read how you can make your voice heard.

Join the debate in 2024 

Representatives of employers and employees in a industry or company will notify us of their decisions no later than on 1 December 2024. In several sectors, this must be done before 1 July 2024, so don’t wait too long if you want to give your opinion. 

Unions, trade association or works council 

You can have your say through a union, trade association or works council. Or ask your company’s HR department who decides on the new pension on behalf of the employees. You can also always contact us if you don’t know which unions or trade associations participate in decision-making about the new pension. 

Accountability body of Pensioenfonds PGB 

You can also have your say through the accountability body of Pensioenfonds PGB. Simply send an e-mail to bestuursbureau@pensioenfondspgb.nl. 

The accountability body checks whether the conversion plan has taken sufficient account of everyone’s interests, i.e. employees, former employees and pension recipients. It will take some time before the accountability body can test this and give advice. That is expected to happen in 2025. In the run-up to this, the accountability body is continuously kept informed of developments by the board of the pension fund. 

Association for pensioners (VVG-PGB) 

If you are already receiving a pension from us, you can also contact the VVG-PGB. The VVG looks after the interests of pensioners. The VVG talks to the Pensioenfonds PGB Board about the new pension and tells the social partners what it thinks of their choices.  

Right to be heard through an association of former employees or retirees  

Through PGB’s VVG, you and others can state their opinion to employer and employee representatives who decide on the transition. This is called the collective right to be heard. The VVG-PGB exercises its right to be heard for its almost 15,000 members. 

 You can also set up your own association of former employees or retirees. Associations have to meet the following conditions: 

  • The association is a legal entity. 
  • The articles of association must state that the association represents the interests of retirees and/or former participants. 
  • The association represents at least 1,000 former participants and/or retirees, or 10% of the former participants and/or retirees in the scheme. 

If you are setting up an association for the right to be heard in a specific sector or company, You can send an e-mail to bestuursbureau@pensioenfondspgb.nl. We’ll be happy to assist you.