I receive a pension from Pensioenfonds PGB

You receive pension benefits from us every month. It is important to know what your pension situation is, and what we have arranged for you. And, of course, what you can still do yourself.

Having my pensions paid out

On or around the 19th of each month, we transfer your pension to you. These are the days on which we will transfer your pension in 2022: 

Wednesday 19 January
Friday 18 February
Friday 18 March
Tuesday 19 April
Thursday 19 May
Friday 17 June
Tuesday 19 July
Friday 19 August
Monday 19 September
Wednesday 19 October
Friday 18 November
Monday 19 December

In February, you will receive an overview of your gross and net pension. 
This overview shows how much pension you will receive from us each month. You can also see how much tax and healthcare premium you pay. You will receive this overview once a year in February. Unless the amount of your pension changes in the meantime. Then you will receive a new specification. 

You do not receive any holiday pay 
Your pension with us does not include holiday pay. So you will not receive any separate holiday pay from us in May. Do you want to know what an income tax and social insurance contributions credit is or do you want us to apply the income tax and social insurance contributions credit? Then click here. 

You will also receive an annual statement in February 
Your annual statement shows how much pension you received from us last year. You can also see how much tax and healthcare premiums you paid last year. You will need this information when you file your tax return with the Tax and Customs Administration. 

Would you like to see your annual statement earlier? 
It will be available in the participant portal mijnpgbpensioen.nl from 25 January. If you have indicated in your communication preferences that you wish to receive digital mail, you will be notified automatically. If you do not wish to receive digital mail, you will receive a hard copy of your annual statement by the end of February. You can change your communication preferences yourself at mijpgbpensioen.nl. 

Do you live outside the Netherlands?  
If you live outside the Netherlands, you need to arrange a number of things yourself.