Pension abroad

If you live abroad, you have to arrange a number of things yourself:

1. Certificate of life
Each year, we need proof that you’re still alive. This is because your municipality does not notify us if you pass away. You must therefore send us a certificate of life each year. Because only then can we continue to pay your pension. You’ll receive a letter from us about this.

Simply submit your certificate of life digitally
To make things easy for you, send us your certificate of life digitally. This process is quick and secure. You can do this via an app on a smartphone. So you no longer need to fill in a form. And you no longer need to go to an official body to have the form completed, signed and stamped.

What do you need?
You need a smartphone (this does not have to be your own smartphone), your proof of identity and the QR code from the letter you received from us. Follow the steps in the letter.

Do you prefer the certificate of life form instead?
In that case, download the certificate of life form. Print out the form and take it to an official body. This can be the municipality, the police or a civil-law notary. Ask them to complete, sign and stamp this form. If you receive another official certificate of life from the official body, you can send that certificate to us instead.

Send us your certificate of life within six weeks
Whether you opt to do this digitally or by completing the form, you need to send us your certificate of life within six weeks. If we haven’t received the form back after six weeks, then unfortunately, we will discontinue your pension payments.

Read here the answers on the frequently asked questions.

2. Exemption from the tax authorities
Do you pay tax in the country where you live, and do you not yet have an exemption from the tax authorities? In that case it is important that you still apply for this via the tax authorities. Otherwise, we will withhold tax from your pension as well, and you will end up paying double tax. The tax withholding number of Pensioenfonds PGB is 002954795L01. You need this number for the tax authorities when applying for an exemption from your tax liability in the Netherlands.

3. Reporting changes
You need to notify us of these changes yourself: