I accrue pension at Pensioenfonds PGB

Your pension is a part of the income you will receive at a later date. Each month, you and your employer pay towards your pension (capital). When you retire, this will form part of the money from which you have to live.

Your income will be made up of three components:

How much pension have I accrued?

It's important to think about your pension each year. After all, this is the money you will have to live on at a later date. It is, therefore, important you know how much money you can expect to receive at a later date. For that reason, we advise you to carry out a pension check each year.

Contributions and pensions: exactly how does that work? 

Every month, you pay a contribution for your pension. You do not do this alone. You pay this together with your employerWe use a large part of your contribution for investment. This increases the value of your pension and later, you will receive more pension than the amount you have paid in contributions

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Information about your pension scheme

You receive information concerning your pension scheme in three sections. This is called Pension 1-2-3. In section 1 you can see an overview of what has been arranged for you. Would you like to read what kind of pension has been arranged for you? Then go to section 2. Would you like to have some legal information and more specific details concerning your pension scheme? Then go to section 3. You can find your pension 1-2-3 at MijnPGBpensioen(Your pension scheme).

Are you sick or occupationally disabled? Or did you or your ex-partner accrue pension with us? 

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Misunderstandings about pensions

This is why some common misunderstandings are explained.