Contributions and pensions: exactly how does that work?

Every month, you pay a contribution for your pension. You do not do this alone. You pay this together with your employer. We use a large part of your contribution for investment. This increases the value of your pension and later, you will receive more pension than the amount you have paid in contributions. Our answers to frequently-asked questions below explain exactly how that works.
  • How much contribution do I pay for my pension?

    That depends on the agreements in your collective labour agreement (CLA), or the agreements that your employer has reached with usThe percentage contribution that you pay is shown in your Pension 1-2-3Your employer deducts the contributions from your gross salary. The monthly amount is shown in your salary slip.

  • Which type of pension scheme do I have?

    At Pensioenfonds PGB, you can build up a pension in an average salary scheme or a defined contribution scheme. You can see which type of scheme you have under the heading ‘How do you build up a pension? ilayer 1 of your Pension 1-2-3. You can access your Pension 1-2-3 by logging in aMijnPGBpensioen with your DigiD numberYour pension scheme is also shown at the top of your pension statement.

  • How do you invest in my pension scheme?

    We take account of the wishes of our participants in our investments. 

    This is why we regularly investigate how participants think about investment and the associated risks.  

    In an (average) average salary scheme, we invest 90% of your contributions. With 8%, we insure risks such as mortality and disability and with the other 2%, we pay the management and administration costs for your pension. 

    In an (average) defined contribution scheme, we currently invest between 88% and 91% of the contributions. With 7% to 10%, we insure risks such as mortality and disability for you. With the remaining 2%, we pay the management and administration costs for your pension.  

    With a defined contribution scheme, you can also make your own choices on how we invest the pension for you. Click here for more information on the choices you can make and how to do this. 

    See here if you would like to know more about how we invest your contributions. 

  • Do you still invest my money if I leave my company or when I retire?

    YesEven if you are no longer paying contributions for your pension, we continue to invest your moneyAs a result, you continue to receive returns on the contributions you paid until you left the companyWhen you retire, the amount that we invest for you will steadily decrease. This is because you will receive a payout every month, and because you no longer pay any contributionsYou will always have a ‘stable pension’ with us. This means that your pension will no longer fluctuate in line with the investmentsWe may increase your pension if the economy is performing very well. If the economy performs badly, there is a risk that we will have to reduce your pension.

  • What have you insured for me if I become disabled?

    This depends on your pension schemeIf you become partially or fully disabled while you are still working for an employer that is registered with us, we may pay part or all of the contributions for your pension until you retire, or until you are no longer more than 35% disabledPrecisely what is arranged for you is explained in your Pension 1-2-3 at MijnPGBpensioen.

  • What is insured if I die?

    If you die while you are still employed by an employer that is registered with us, your partner will receive 70% of the pension that you could still have accrued up to your retirement date. Any children will receive an orphan’s pension until they reach the age of 21. After that, they will only receive an orphan’s pension if they are still studying, up to the age of 27.  
    If you are no longer accruing any pension with us when you die, your surviving dependants may not receive any benefits, or lower benefitsFor information on what your partner will receive if you die, go to or seethis page for more information on the pensions for your surviving dependants.

  • What do you mean by the administration costs of the pension scheme?

    The administration costs are costs we incur for managing your pension. There are two types of costs. 

    Pension administration costs 
    These are the costs for the pension administration and for informing participants about their pensions. They also include the costs of the Board.  

    Asset management costs 
    These are the costs of investing the pensions. 

    Click here for the actual Pension administration costs and Asset management costs.

  • What were the returns in recent years?

    The average return in the past 10 years was 4.0%. The table shows the results for the past 10 years.

    Click here for the total invested capital.




    ​    6.8% 


    ​   16.0% 


    ​    -2.3% 


    ​    6.7% 




    ​    1.4% 




    ​    1.7%