Mission, vision and values

We are delighted to introduce ourselves. Pensioenfonds PGB is the pension fund for and arranged by social partners from various sectors. Together, we ensure a good and affordable pension for our participants.


Pensioenfonds PGB offers security for the future 
We do this by administering our pension schemes in a future-proof way, taking account of the interests of all stakeholders, and by aiming for optimal added value for the contributions paid. In this way, we ensure today, tomorrow and far into the future that our participants have an additional income in their old age, even if they become disabled. And that their surviving dependants are insured against the financial consequences of their death. Our ambition is an affordable, modern pension provision that retains its spending power in the long term as far as possible. 

Pensioenfonds PGB is more than money alone 
PGB also aims to be significant in another way, both during the accrual of pensions and in the period in which the pensions pay out. On the basis of our social tradition, we believe in partnership without a profit motive and the power of collectivity. We therefore work via managed growth and partnerships on economies of scale in the interests of our participants. We believe that we can best serve our existing and new participants in that way, and contribute towards a healthy and future-proof pension system. 


We believe in the power of collectivity and working with our partners. We do this on the basis of the idea that we are connected and want to make a positive contribution. 

We devote attention to our participants, employers and social partners, their pensions and their future. We do this as personally as possible. 

Our past distinguishes who we are: flexible and innovative in the interests of the participants. We move with the times, but do keep an eye on the costs. 

We regard openness as important, as well as providing insight into pensions and sharing expertise.