Are you no longer accruing pension with Pensioenfonds PGB?

You are going to work for an employer who is not affiliated to us. This means you’ll no longer accrue pension with us, although the pension you’ve already accrued remains yours.

However, the following changes apply:

  • If you die, your partner will receive less or no partner’s pension from us.
  • If you become occupationally disabled, we will no longer pay for your pension accrual. Unless you were ill before you became unemployed, in which case we will (partially or entirely) pay the percentage that is equivalent to your degree of occupationally disability. Click here for more information.

We will send you a letter, explaining the choices you have. These choices depend on your new pension scheme.

Would you like to take your pension with you?
You can leave your pension with us or you could arrange a value transfer. A value transfer has to be arranged via your new pension fund or pension insurer. Here, you can read how to transfer your pension.

Would you like to continue accruing pension with us?
If you aren’t accruing pension at your new employer’s, you can voluntarily continue accruing pension in your old pension scheme. You have to make a decision in this context within nine months of starting your new job. Read here more about being unemployed