Sick or incapacitated for work

Being sick or occupationally disabled affects your pension.

During the first 2 years of your sickness you will still receive your salary. Although, your salary might be lower. If your salary is lower, you’ll probably accrue less pension. 

If you are deemed occupationally disabled
After 2 years, the UWV (the Employee Insurance Agency) will assess whether you are occupationally disabled. If you are at least 35% occupationally disabled, the UWV will inform us of this fact.

As a result, two things will change as far as you’re concerned:

1. You will receive a benefit payment from the UWV. 
    Whether or not you receive any payment from us depends on your pension

2. At our expense, you’ll accrue pension over the percentage that you are
    occupationally disabled. For the percentage that you continue working, you
    (and your employer) pay for the accrual. However, you’ll probably be
    accruing less pension.