You have recently married or registered your partnership, or will do so soon. Congratulations! You do not need to register your partner with us. The municipal authority will do this for you. This is a good moment to think about your pension.

If you decide to get married, it's important you think about your pension.

If you live abroad, you have to register your partner with us yourself 
You can register your partner by providing a copy of the marriage certificate or an extract from your municipality. In doing so, you should state your registration number.

Email a scan of your marriage certificate:
Or send a copy of the certificate to: Pensioenfonds PGB,
                                                              Attn. Klantenservice
                                                              Postbus 2311 
                                                              1180 EH AMSTELVEEN

You have a choice of two options
You can opt to arrange something extra for your partner:
1. Do you want to accrue extra pension for your partner?
Do you want to insure a surviving dependant's pension (Anw-pensioen) for your partner?

If you are going to marry, you do not need to inform us of this fact.
This will not affect the pension you receive from us. You and your new partner were not together when you accrued pension. Consequently, your partner won’t receive a pension from us if you die. 

You will receive less state pension (AOW)
Your state pension will go down if you marry or cohabit. People who live alone receive more state pension than people who live in the same house as their partners. Here you can view the state pension (AOW) amounts.