Applying for a pension

Approximately 3 months before your standard retirement date, you will receive a letter from us. This will explain how you apply for your pension.

You have 3 options
It is important that you, together with your partner, give these options serious consideration.

1. Would you like to retire early or later?
2. Would you like more or less pension for your partner?
3. Would you like a higher or lower pension temporarily?

Do you find it difficult to make choices? 
We understand this. To be fair, pensions are often quite complicated. Good to know: we are happy to help you.  You can phone us on 020 541 82 00 or e-mail us at to make an appointment for a personal consultation. Please let us know if you would like to phone, video call or visit us. We will then be happy to make an appointment with you. 

In this film we explain how to apply for your pension yourself.

Have you accrued pension capital with us and did you, or will you opt for a variable pension at the age of 57? 

Have you accrued pension capital with us? For example, if you work in the maritime fishing sector or the plants and flower wholesaling sector, or for Relx? And have you reached or will you reach the age of 58 in or after 2020? Then you will have made, or will make a choice about your pension when you reach(ed) the age of 57. You have chosen, or will choose a stable pension for when you retire, or you have made, or will make a provisional choice for a variable pension. You can read more about this choice here. 

If you opted for a stable pension, you apply for your pension in the above manner. If you provisionally opted for a variable pension, then you make a final choice before you reach the age of retirement. You either buy a stable pension from us or you take your pension capital to a different pension administrator. You will then receive a variable pension from that administrator. We will automatically send you a proposal for a stable pension with us. You must request proposals for variable pensions from other pension administrators yourself. 

If you cohabit, you have to register your partner yourself

If you are cohabiting, you have to register your partner with us yourself. If you do not register your partner with us, or you fail to do so before you retire, your partner will not receive a partner's pension from us.