Retiring early or later

Are you thinking of retiring early? It is possible; totally or partially. At Pensioenfonds PGB, you can retire once you reach the age of 55 years.

A two-minute explanation
In the film clip below, you can see in under two minutes what retiring early entails. You can also see the consequences for your pension and how you apply for it.
  • Retiring at the age of 55 years

    If you are retiring early, your pension will be lower. This is because you accrue pension for a shorter period. And because you receive a pension from us for longer.

    N.B. Are you getting any benefit from the government? Then these may be reduced or stopped if you retire early. You should ask the tax authorities if this would apply to you.
  • Retiring partially

    Maybe you don’t want to retire totally. You may also choose to work less and partially retire. Naturally, you do this in consultation with your employer. Retiring partially also affects the level of your pension. You continue accruing pension over the hours you still work. At least .... as long as you are not receiving a state pension (AOW). Because as soon as you receive a state pension, you can no longer accrue pension.

    N.B. You can retire part-time for 20%, 40%, 50%, 60% or 80% of your time. You may only raise this percentage once a year. You can never lower the percentage.
  • Are you occupationally disabled?

    Then you can also retire early. But there are a few more rules if you wish to retire early.
    • Are you entirely occupationally disabled? Then you can only receive your pension in the five-year periode before you receive a state pension. You will then accrue no more pension.

    • Are you partially occupationally disabled? Then for the part you have stopped working, you may receive your pension early. Would you like to retire early for the part you are occupationally disabled? If so, you can only receive your pension in the five-year period before you receive a state pension.

In the pension planner on MijnPGBpensioen, you can simply and quickly calculate how much pension you will receive if you retire early. Here you can see the gross and net amounts if you retire early, wholly or partially. Have you made a choice? Then you can apply for your pension here immediately.  

Naturally, you can also retire after you receive a state pension. You can postpone your pension up to a maximum of five years after your standard retirement date. As a result, you receive more pension. That is because you receive a pension from us for a shorter period. As soon as you start receiving a state pension, you stop accruing pension with us.