How would you like us to invest for your pension?

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You either have a pension with us or receive a pension from us. Either way, a pension that best protects you from inflation is what we all desire. As a pension fund, we aim to deliver by investing in such a way that your pension grows consistently.

We regularly check whether our way of investing still suits your needs and wishes which is why we are conducting this survey, in collaboration with Onderzoeksbureau IG&H. Your feedback and input helps determine whether out investment strategies still meet these needs and is greatly appreciated!

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How can you participate in the survey?
If you received an invitation by letter from us, please use the link or the QR code in the letter itself. Did you receive an invitation by e-mail? Then you can click the button in the e-mail to take part in the survey right away.

See in 1.5 minutes why it is important for your pension to participate

In this video Chairman of the Board Jochem Dijckmeester and accountmanager Marc Smellink explain why it is important for your pension to participate in this survey.

Your pension may change

With the arrival of the new Dutch Pensions Act, your pension may change. When the economy is doing well your pension will perform better and will increase. On the contrary, in times of economic decline, your pension may also decrease. The degree to which your pensions fluctuates (either up or down ), depends, among other things, on how much risk we take on when investing. This also determines whether we can increase pensions in the future. Do you favour more security and stability in your pension, with slightly lower returns? Or would you prefer we take on more risk when investing, with the chance of receiving a higher pension?


Around 21 November you will receive an invitation by post or e-mail

It means:

• you can indicate your wishes and preferences;
• and we can determine how best to invest the pensions.

Fast and easy

With quick and clear questions, the survey won't take more than 10 minutes to complete. The survey and your input is anonymous and your data will be processed confidentially. 

Survey results will be shared

We will publish our findings on our website and in our newsletter early 2024. We will also inform how the results impact our investment strategies going forward. And what this means for you and everyone at our pension fund.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Is your question not listed? Then please contact our customer service department. We will be happy to help.

  • Is the survey anonymous?

    Yes, the survey is anonymous. The results are processed anonymously and there is no link between your data and the results.

  • Is it important for me to participate in the survey?

    Yes, your opinion counts! You want the best inflation-proof pension, now and in the future. As a pension fund, we invest to allow your pension to grow. We regularly check whether our investment method still suits your situation and wishes. That is important, especially with the arrival of the new Dutch Pensions Act. Your pension may increase if the economy is doing well, but it may also decrease slightly if the economy is doing worse. The pace at which your pension increases or decreases depends, among other things, on how much risk we take with our investments. This also determines the chance of whether we can increase pensions in the future. The more pension recipients and participants take part in the survey, the better we can estimate what you think about investing and investment risks. So help us and yourself by taking part!

  • I am retired and receive a pension. Is the survey also important to me?

    Absolutely, your opinion helps us determine how much risk we can take when investing. Among other things, this determines how much return on investment we achieve, and the chance that we can increase your pension in the (near) future. It also helps us to make the right decisions in the run-up to the new pension.

  • What is done with the survey results?

    Your personal opinion and input ensure we can tailor our (investment) policy as much as possible to the wishes of our participants and pension recipients. With the arrival of the new pension rules, we believe it is even more important to know how you think we should handle your pension. The two most important objectives are: what is the minimum return on investment that pension recipients and participants want to achieve, and what is the minimum responsible investment risk we can take? What decline in a bad investment year is still acceptable, and what is the maximum responsible investment risk? Based on these two principles, our board works out the investment policy in more detail.

  • Where can I find the results of the survey?

    The results of the survey will be known in early 2024. We will then draw up a report on the results of the survey: how many people took part, what are the most important results and how do we proceed with those results? We will then publish the results on our website and in our digital newsletter. If you’re not subscribed to it yet, indicate this in your communication preferences on

  • The amounts in the pension meter are not the same as my pension entitlements, how is that possible?

    The survey is not personalised, so you will see an estimate of pension outcomes in three scenarios, for different pension investment methods. Assumptions are made in the survey because it is not personal. For example, we assume an average accrued pension for the group you are part of. We also assume you will continue to accrue pension with your current salary at Pensioenfonds PGB until retirement age. The amounts given in the table are net (i.e. after tax deduction) and include state pension.