Your employees accrue pension with us. Consequently, we need you to provide us with some details. You can do this via

  • What is is the online pension environment for employers. Here you can arrange most pension matters digitally in a simple way.

    At you can:

    • Via ‘My Profile’, view your company data and change the correspondence and invoice address if necessary.
    • Use ‘Authorisations’ to authorise your administrative office and give them access to the account.
    • Create an additional sub-account for a colleague via ‘Accounts’.
    • Via ‘Preferences’, specify whether you want to receive the invoices digitally, and to which email address.
    • Via ‘Overview employees’, see which of your employees are currently accruing pension with us; via ‘Overview salary data’ you can see which salary data of your employees have been submitted to us; via ‘Invoices and specifications’ you can view and download the invoices and specifications.
    • Via ‘UPA settings’, arrange the UPA authorisation.
    • Via ‘Overview UPA messages’, check that we have received your UPA messages.
    • Via ‘Overview of schemes’, see the correct scheme features and the main features of your pension scheme.
    • You can use 'File Exchange' to share files with us that should not be shared via email.

    If you do not have an account yet
    It’s very easy to create an account. To do so, go to At the bottom of the login page, click on ‘Create account’. After registering, you will receive your password by email at your company address. This will take up to 5 working days. If you find this too long, you may also call us and ask for a password reset via email. Is your administrative office also registered with Pensioenfonds PGB with its own relationship number? Then you can authorise them. This can be done via the ‘Authorisations’ option under ‘My Profile’ by placing the desired ticks. If they are also responsible for making the UPA submissions, you can set this in the option ‘UPA settings’.

    Please note: You give your administration office a separate authorisation to send UPA messages. You can set this via the 'UPA settings’ option.

  • How do I pass on my details to you?

    This depends on which details are involved:

    If you do your own administration
    Via your salary package you provide us with the data every month (or every 4 weeks). This is done via an UPA message. We extract all salary and employment data from this message. You will receive an invoice based on this information. If there are any errors in your UPA message, you will see them immediately in your salary package and at You can correct these errors yourself in your salary package. After correction, please submit a corrected UPA message. Do you want to know more about UPA? Then please visit our UPA page. You can also find a UPA manual and tips on our website.

    If someone else does your administration:
    Then you authorise your administration office under UPA settings. This way, they can send us UPA messages on your behalf.You can read how to do this on our UPA-page.

  • If you are an administration office

    An administrative office that has registered with us will receive its own account number from us. An administrative office can create an account for using their own account number. In this way, they will be able to pass on changes to us or submit UPAs for several clients using only one number.