Nearing retirement age

Your employee must apply for his/her pension himself/herself. Approximately six months prior to his/her standard retirement date, your employee will receive a letter. This will explain how he / she should apply for his/her pension.

Your employees can choose from 3 options
Would your employee like to ....
1. retire later?
2. have a higher or lower pension for his/her partner?
3. have a higher or lower pension temporarily?

You must provide information to your employees
It’s important for you to provide information to your employees. You can do so by referring them to this page. We will also provide information to your employees. We will do so every 6 months before an employee reaches his/her standard retirement date.

Does your employee find it difficult to make choices?
On MijnPGBpensioen, they can see the choices available, including how these choices affect the amount of their pension. Good to know: we are happy to help your employee make the best choices. Your employee can phone us on 020 541 82 00 or e-mail us at to make an appointment for a personal consultation.