Pension contribution for average pay systems unchanged at 28% in 2024

Each year, the board determines the basic contribution for the coming year. This contribution will remain unchanged in 2024, namely 28% of the pensionable earnings. The board has decided this after positive advice from the accountability body. Do you have an average earnings pension scheme with us? Then your specific premium is derived from this basic contribution.

6 November 2023

The most important principle: creating calm in the run-up to the new pension
Long-term stability and balance are important principles when determining the contribution. The social partners in all our sectors and employers are currently working on new agreements for the new pension. That’s an intensive process. Just as in the past two years, the board has chosen to create calm in the current pension system.

Preview of 2025 premiums
In the first quarter of 2024, the board will investigate the options for premium development for 2025. The statutory provisions and (economic) circumstances at that time are carefully taken into account.

Will my pension be increased next year?
The board considers a pension increase to be an important means of preserving the purchasing power. Both for pension recipients and for participants who accrue or have a pension with us. Whether Pensioenfonds PGB can increase pensions in the coming year and if so, by how much, is not yet known. The board will decide on this in November. Want to know more about this? Then read the column of chairman of the board, Jochem Dijckmeester(in Dutch only).

Are you an employer? The article below explains how the decision about the premium may affect you

The basic contribution is based on the DB basic pension scheme (basic average pay scheme). Almost everyone has a different average pay scheme, which is why this contribution is derived from the basic pension scheme.

Are you voluntarily affiliated with PGB?
We will inform you about the definitive contribution for your organisation by December 2023 at the latest. Even though the basic contribution remains the same, your contribution may undergo some changes, depending on the agreements made about this. If you take part in a defined contribution scheme with us, the basic contribution does not apply to you: your premium will only change at the end of your contract or if you adjust the scheme.

If your pension scheme changes, we would like to hear from you no later than 15 December. We can then process the change in your pension scheme and the contribution for you in time.

Is your affiliation with Pensioenfonds PGB mandatory? Or is your scheme derived from a mandatory industry-wide pension scheme?
In that case, we will publish the premiums and pension accrual for 2024 on this page as soon as our social partners have confirmed them to us. We therefore recommend keeping a close eye on this page. We aim to send you the new premium details by letter within four weeks of publication.

Please contact our employers’ desk. You can call us at 020 541 83 00 or send an email to