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As of today, you can read our 2022 annual report and our 2022 annual socially responsible investing report on our website.

8 May 2023

2022 was an eventful year
As a pension fund, we saw a lot of unrest in the financial markets in 2022. The return on our investments fell as a result. Fortunately, due to the rise in interest rates, we were able to increase pensions by a total of 3 percent for the first time since 2008. In December 2022, we adjusted our indexation policy in view of the new pension system and rising inflation. As a result, we were able to increase pensions again by 7 percent in January 2023.

Well prepared for the future 
In the run-up to the new pension system, we involved our employers and sectors as much as possible so they can make the right choices together with us. And of course we informed our participants. They must be able to rely on the choices made by the pension fund and understand how it affects them.

Chairman of the Board Jochem Dijckmeester looks back on a year in which a lot of work has been done: “Our colleagues have worked hard to prepare our pension fund for the future. For example, investing in our pension administration system, preparing for the Future Pensions Act, our sustainability policy and our data quality. I’m proud of the commitment I see around me. It goes without saying that in 2023 we’ll continue to invest in guiding our social partners and participants on their way to the new pension system. We want to provide support not only financially, but also socially. We do it together, and for all of us.”

We are taking important steps in the field of socially responsible investing
2022 was also the year in which we translated the wishes of our participants into an investment conviction for socially responsible investing. The ambition that emerges from this is the starting point for our sustainable investment policy for the future. We consider sustainability just as important as return, risk and costs. After all, it is not just about how much pension you will receive in euros, but also about the world in which you can spend that pension, now and in the future. We also published a climate plan containing a concrete action plan to meet the goals of the United Nations Climate Change Convention. In 2023, we will continue to engage with our stakeholders about socially responsible investing. This way, we ensure our sustainable investment policy continues to reflect their preferences. After all, the pension money we manage does not belong to us, but to our participants, and we want to handle it with care, now and in the future.

Want to find out more?
Click here for our 2022 annual report (Dutch only, English will be available soon).
Click here for our 2022 annual socially responsible investing report (Dutch only, English will be available soon).

This year too, we will be publishing an online annual magazine in which we look back on the past year in words and images. We will publish the online magazine on our website in May.