Pensions and investments. How much risk do you want to take?

How would you like us to invest your pension? We gave our participants this question at the end of 2023. Together with research agency IG&H, we examined whether our investments still match the situation and wishes of our participants. We did this through a so-called ‘risk preference survey’. Anyone who accrues, has or receives a pension with us could participate in this anonymous survey.

18 April 2024

We mainly received a lot of digital responses

We invited a total of 408,711 participants for the survey (active participants, disabled, pensioners and former participants). We did this via a letter or an email. Ultimately, 22,668 people responded, which is 5.55% of the total number of invitations.

A more than sufficient (representative) score to be able to use the survey results, which the board got started with. What was striking was the high number of digital responses. If we look exclusively at the responses to the digital invitations, the response rate is no less than 12.39%. This shows that digital communication pays off. Provide us with your email address if you have not already done so: you can easily do this here.

The reason for this survey

As a pension fund, we invest the money of our participants to allow their pensions to grow. They want a pension that is as stable in value as possible, now and in the future. The amount of pension may change, especially with the arrival of the new Dutch Pensions Act. It may increase if the economy is doing well, but it may also decrease slightly if the economy is doing worse. The pace at which pensions increase or decrease depends, among other things, on how much risk we take with our investments. This also determines the chance of whether we can increase pensions in the future. That’s why we asked our participants how important they consider security and stability to be. And also if they believe that we, as a pension fund, may take a responsible risk when investing, if there is a chance of a higher pension. If we know the wishes and preferences of our participants, we can determine how best to invest.

How to proceed

In recent months, our board has spoken several times about the results of this survey. In the coming period they will discuss this further with various internal and external parties, including the social partners (a combination of employers and employees). Other surveys will also follow, including research into risk-bearing capacity. The board takes the results into account to subsequently determine the risk preference and investment policy for the coming years. That will probably be determined by the end of July. The board carefully looks at the interests of all participants of Pensioenfonds PGB. We expect to be able to provide you with more substantive information this summer. You can find that on our website and we will of course also share it with you via our digital newsletter and PGB Beeld.