Extra pension choice ‘lump sum’ postponed again

It is not yet possible to withdraw part of your pension in one go when you retire (a lump sum). This is possible from 1 July 2024 at the earliest. Minister Schouten sent a letter about this to the Senate and the House of Representatives. It states that the commencement date of the lump sum will be postponed by at least 6 months to 1 July 2024.

6 July 2023

Retiring before 1 July 2024?
Then you cannot yet opt for a lump sum. The government has already postponed the commencement date several times. It is also not yet certain whether you can opt for a lump sum from 1 July 2024. This depends on the treatment of the legislative proposal in parliament.

What is a lump sum?
This is an extra pension choice offered to you when you retire. You can choose to withdraw part of your pension in one go. You will receive a one-off payment of a maximum of 10% of your retirement pension as a lump sum. You can spend this amount freely. Your monthly lifelong pension benefit will be lower as a result. The withdrawal of a lump sum can also have consequences for the tax and any supplements or benefits you receive.

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