Chairman of the board Jochem Dijckmeester reappointed for a third term

The board of Pensioenfonds PGB has unanimously decided to reappoint Jochem Dijckmeester (1982) for a third term. His reappointment as independent chairman of the board starts on 1 January 2024 and has been approved by De Nederlandsche Bank. The board is very pleased with this reappointment and the pleasant and constructive collaboration in recent years. With this nomination for a third term, the board expresses its confidence in Jochem. His continuation in office ensures continuity, which will certainly be a gain for participants, employers and other stakeholders of Pensioenfonds PGB with a view to the transition to the new pension.

20 December 2023

Great commitment to Pensioenfonds PGB
By opting for a third term, Jochem underlines his commitment to Pensioenfonds PGB: “In recent years, as a board member and later as chairman of the board, I have enjoyed contributing to a good pension for all our participants in so many different ways. As a board, we’re always negotiating solid long-term agreements with social partners and employers. With the arrival of the new pension, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Pensioenfonds PGB expects to make the transition to the new pension on 1 January 2027. Until then, but also afterwards, we still have a lot to do. For a multi-sector fund like ours, this certainly brings opportunities and challenges. I’m pleased I can commit to this again as chairman of the board in the coming board period.”

Jochem Dijckmeester has been on the board of Pensioenfonds PGB since 2016. He started as a strategic communications board member, became vice-chairman in 2019 and has been chairman of the board since 1 February 2020. In this position, he bears final responsibility for, among other things, the transition to the new pension. In addition to being a board member at Pensioenfonds PGB, he is also a board member at BPF Schilders and active as a pension fund director within the Dutch Pension Federation and knowledge institute Netspar.