No more misunderstandings about pensions! Will you help?

Do you know them too? The many misunderstandings about pensions? We want to get rid of the world with your help! Because we notice our participants sometimes get worried for no reason at all. That is why we are starting a campaign about pension misunderstandings.

We do our best to explain pensions as well as possible. After all, it is our income for later and perhaps the most important fringe benefit.

We need your help
With the items on this page, you can bring the misunderstandings about pensions to the attention of your organisation. You will find posters and flyers that you can print yourself or distribute digitally. You will also find web banners and images that you can use on your Intranet page, bulletin board or in a digital newsletter.

Materials ‘misunderstandings about pensions’


A3-poster ‘Fingers on money’ (NL/ENG)
A3-poster ‘Elevator’ (NL/ENG)
A3-poster ‘Alarm clock’ (NL/ENG)
A4-poster ‘Fingers on money’ (NL/ENG)
A4-poster ‘Elevator’ (NL/ENG)
A4-poster ‘Alarm clock’ (NL/ENG)


Web banner 300x250 (UK)
Web banner 320x50 (UK)
Web banner 728x90 (UK)

Logo & Video

Logo ‘true-or-false’
Video PGB ‘Misunderstandings about pensions’ (NL)

We’ll be happy to assist you. If you have pension-related questions and questions about how you can draw attention to this campaign, you can call 020 541 83 00 or send an e-mail to