Farewell to directors Maarten Jansen and Rob Heerkens

On 1 April, Maarten Jansen and Rob Heerkens left the board of Pensioenfonds PGB. Both had been active on the board since 2011. As a director, you can be active in the pension fund for a maximum of 3 terms. Rob and Maarten have therefore completed their duties as directors after 12 years.

5 April 2023

Looking back with pride

In the 12 years that they were on the board, both board members have seen the fund flourish professionally. They witnessed Pensioenfonds PGB grow into the multisectoral fund it is today. Jansen: “I’ve seen Pensioenfonds PGB develop from a somewhat introverted pension fund that focused purely on the graphic media industry, to an outward-looking pension fund with various sectors and companies. A fund that listens carefully to the multitude of customers.” Heerkens: “I’m also proud of the cooperation with the employees. Their commitment and expertise determine the quality of the organisation and therefore the quality of the fund. They must have a social heart, offer participants and employers something to hold on to, that’s what makes Pensioenfonds PGB special. Just like the innovative and entrepreneurial character of the fund. And as a board you can have a lot of influence on that.”
Chairman of the board Jochem Dijckmeester looks back on a pleasant and constructive collaboration: “I want to thank Maarten and Rob for their years of dedication to Pensioenfonds PGB. I got to know them as very committed board members who managed to make their mark on topics that matter to our participants. I wish them all the best for all the new challenges they face.”

About Maarten Jansen and Rob Heerkens

Within the board, Maarten Jansen was responsible, among other things, for the focus areas of legal affairs and compliance. He also sat on various committees. He was also chairman of the complaints committee for quite some time. Rob Heerkens was chairman of the balance sheet management committee and a member of the steering group that deals with the new administration system. Jansen is going to enjoy a well-deserved retirement and Heerkens will use his talents on other boards.