Want an instant and complete picture of your financial future? You can!

We have revamped our Financial Insight Tool (FIT), which gives you easy and instant insight into your financial future. FIT lists your income and expenses, you can add a partner and play with various scenarios. You can see how and which events affect your pension. This way, you are ready for the future in just a few clicks.
20 December 2022

Will you have enough pension in the future?
FIT gives you instant insight into your financial planning. For example, you can see how working less, stopping work earlier or losing your job will affect your pension. Everything is easy at the touch of a button. So if you’d like to see what the consequences are for your pension if you continue to work beyond your state pension age, you can! If you take part in a defined contribution scheme with us, FIT will tell you how a different investment choice affects your pension.

New: more personal and more insight
FIT has a new look. You now get an even clearer, more visual and more personal insight. During the revamp, we listened to feedback from you, our participants and to behavioural scientists. FIT not only looks better, you can also do more with it. From now on, for example, you can enter your expenses in addition to your income. You can do that simply by answering a few questions. And you can now also find out how dismissal will affect your pension.

Are you ‘FIT’ enough?
“FIT allows you to playfully examine the consequences of your choice(s)”, says Henk Heek, Lead Client Innovation. “Making mistakes is allowed and if you’re ‘FIT’ enough, you make your final choice in the pension planner.”

You can get started now
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