Pension contribution unchanged at 28% in 2023

The contribution for the basic schemes at Pensioenfonds PGB will not change next year and will remain at 28%. The board has decided this after consulting the accountability body. From this contribution, we derive the contribution that applies to the various employers and sectors. This does not apply to contribution schemes.
15 November 2022

Long-term stability and balance
Each year, the board determines the contribution that must be paid for the pension schemes. Earlier this year, the board looked again at the intention announced last year not to increase the contribution for 2023. It was important that this would work out in a balanced way for the various groups of stakeholders. The board also looked at the (improved) financial situation of the fund and the transition to the new pension system. Long-term stability and balance are important principles when determining the contribution.

Calm is important in the run-up to the new pension system
The board realised in 2021 that calm is needed with regard to the cost price of the pension scheme. This is all the more important now that we are heading for a new pension system. The Future Pensions Act (Wtp) is being debated in the Lower House and will most likely be debated in the Upper House next year. Last year, the board decided to keep the contribution preferably the same until the introduction of the new pension system, unless the board does not consider it necessary or responsible. It was also taken into account that the interest rate was low due to the policy of the Central Banks.

Contribution just right
In the course of 2022, interest rates rose significantly. This automatically created the balance desired by the board between contribution and costs of new pension accrual. This is now in line with the ratio of the fund’s investments to its liabilities.

Accountability body issues positive advice
In recent weeks, the board and the accountability body discussed the former’s intention to keep the contribution the same for 2023. It was also re-assessed whether keeping the contribution the same is in line with policy and in line with current economic developments, interest rates and statutory regulations. On the basis of this, the board - after a positive advice from the accountability body - made the decision.

Preview to contribution for 2024
The board has also already had an exploratory look at the contribution for 2024. If (economic) circumstances do not deviate substantially, it is expected that the contribution can remain the same for 2024. After the summer of 2023, the board will examine whether this expectation still fits the circumstances at that time. In October 2023, the board will make a decision for the contribution in 2024. 

Increase in pensions (indexation)
In the discussions between the board and the accountability body, the relationship between contribution, pension accrual and indexation (raising pensions to compensate for price increases) was also examined. The board considers an increase to be an important means of preserving the purchasing power of pensions. Both for pension recipients and for participants who accrue or have a pension with us. It is not yet known how much Pensioenfonds PGB can increase pensions in the coming year. The board will decide on this in December or January, based on the financial situation at that time. It is important that an increase is fair for all generations who accrue, receive or have a pension with us.


Are you an employer? The article below explains how the decision about the premium may affect you.

The basic contribution is based on the DB basic pension scheme (basic average earnings scheme). If you have a different average earnings scheme, a different contribution will apply to you. This contribution is derived from the basic pension scheme. We will inform you about the definitive contribution for your organisation by December 2022 at the latest. Even though the basic contribution remains the same, your contribution may undergo some changes, depending on the agreements made about this. If you take part in a defined contribution scheme with us, You will also receive a letter from us about the new contribution.

If your pension scheme changes, we would like to hear from you no later than 15 December. We can then process the change in your pension scheme and the contribution for you in time.

Do you have a sectoral pension scheme?

  • Do you have a sectoral pension scheme in wholesale agricultural food supply, graphic media and reprography, cardboard and flexible packaging, plastics, rubber and glue industry, travel industry or paints and printing inks industry? Or is your scheme derived from this? In that case, you will receive a letter from us no later than December with information about the contribution and pension accrual. We also publish the new key figures and contribution details for each industry on the website.
  • Do you have a sectoral pension scheme in the sea fishing or wholesale of flowers and plants sectors? Then you have a defined contribution scheme with us. In that case, you will receive a letter from us no later than December with information about the contribution and pension capital. We also publish the new key figures and contribution details for each industry on the website.


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