New website Pensioenfonds PGB

13 December 2021

You’ve probably seen it already: our website has been revamped! Not only does the website have a new look, but also the way the information is provided has been improved. You will now find the information you need more quickly.

What is new?
First of all, the appearance. But also the layout. The information is now grouped by theme. For example, you can see in one overview what will happen to your pension if your personal situation changes. In addition, the navigation has been adjusted, which means that you can click through the website more easily. And we have improved the search function of the website.

Accessible, clear and relevant
The new website has also become much more accessible. This means that you can read the website much better on any device. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone. And the website has become more personal. You will find the information relevant to you more quickly, the information is clearly presented and in most cases you can adapt it directly to your own situation.

Developed together with our participants
In developing our new website, we gratefully used the input of our participants. This allowed us to build functionalities that are tailored to our customers’ needs. And offer the information in the way that participants look for it, want to read this information and understand it.

New participant portal in preparation
Besides a new website, we are also developing a new participant portal. We want to launch it next spring. The new participant portal will give you even better insight into your personal pension situation. In addition, you can immediately see the choices you can make regarding your pension and what these mean for you.