De Fracties pensions to Pensioenfonds PGB

Employees of Bunge Loders Croklaan have been accruing pensions at Pensioenfonds PGB since 1 March 2022. Their former pension fund, De Fracties, also wants to transfer all accrued pensions to Pensioenfonds PGB on 1 July 2022. Pensioenfonds De Fracties and Pensioenfonds PGB have therefore signed a letter of intent.
12 April 2022

Pensioenfonds PGB looks forward to the expected arrival of approximately 1,000 participants, former participants and pensioners. Pensioenfonds PGB will send the first welcome communications to the participants from May. Former participants and pensioners will be informed after July. Their current pension fund, De Fracties, will be discontinued after the transfer.

Transfer has still to be approved
The transfer still requires the approval of the regulator, the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). The procedure with this institution is still in progress.

Why the switch to Pensioenfonds PGB?
The main reasons for the switch are the future resilience and administrative continuity, as well as the relatively high administrative costs at the smaller pension fund De Fracties, and the better pension prospects at Pensioenfonds PGB.

Welcome from Pensioenfonds PGB
Participants, former participants and pensioners will receive a personal message from Pensioenfonds PGB to welcome them to the fund and provide them with information on what the transfer will mean for them. More information is also available via and