What options do I have as an employer?

We have been listening closely to the wishes of employers and sectors, so we know what employers and social partners in the sectors consider important elements in a contribution scheme. We have included these wishes in our new pension schemes.  We informed you about this in the second quarter of 2023. We are moving towards the new pension system together, and we think it is important that we work together step by step.

Can I choose what I want?

Not everything that is possible by law is possible at Pensioenfonds PGB. That is a conscious choice on our part. By preselecting various options, we offer a limited choice. This is because we are cost-conscious and understand that pensions must also be affordable. And by limiting your choice, we make it easier for you to agree on a transition plan.

What are my choices?

Based on our discussions with employers and sectors, Pensioenfonds PGB has adopted new pension schemes. In our brochure, you can see the options and which choices Pensioenfonds PGB has made.