The new pension system: what you need to know

On our way to a new pension

Working on our pension… or rather: working on a pension that fits in with the new pension. We don’t do that alone. We do this together with employers and employees.  On 30 May, the Senate approved the Future Pensions Act (Wtp) legislative proposal. This means the new pension system will now really come into effect.

Minister Schouten postponed the latest commencement date of the new pension scheme from 1 January 2027 to 1 January 2028. Pensioenfonds PGB is still aiming for a transition as of 1 January 2027. But why work on a new pension now? A lot has to be done before that time, though. By us. And by you, the employer. And we’re going to do that together. And with us, other stakeholders such as VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland, AWVN, FNV, CNV, VCP, Pensioenfederatie, Stichting van de Arbeid, Adfiz and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. 

Why new pension rules?

The Dutch pension system is one of the best in the world. Poverty among the elderly in this country is among the lowest in the world.

What will remain the same for me as an employer? And what changes?

There are critical similarities between the new pension schemes and the current pension schemes.

What options do I have as an employer?

We have been listening closely to the wishes of employers and sectors, so we know what employers consider important elements in a contribution scheme. We have included these wishes in our new pension schemes.

How will the new pension affect my employees?

Under the new rules, all employees will be accruing pension capital (via a contribution scheme) instead of pension entitlements.

What does Pensioenfonds PGB do and what should I do?

Together, we are on our way to the new pension together and we think it is important that we work together step by step. We will continue to support and help you along this journey.

When do the new pension rules come into effect?

The timeline takes you through the steps we will take in the coming years.