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You are no longer cohabiting

If you and your partner separate, your pension is affected.

You should inform us that you are no longer cohabiting
Your municipality will not automatically inform us that you are no longer cohabiting. Consequently, it's important that you do so yourself.

Please send an email to :
Or send a letter to            : Pensioenfonds PGB
                                             Attn. Klantenservice
                                             Postbus 7855
                                             1008 AC  AMSTERDAM
Your partner's pension is for your ex-partner
Your ex-partner will receive the partner's pension if you predecease him/her. If you have a new partner? If you and your ex-partner do not want that situation to arise, your ex-partner can waive his/her right to a partner's pension.

It is also important to know whether:
- You ever registered your ex-partner with us. If you didn’t, your ex-partner won’t receive a pension from us if
   you predecease him/her.
- You have a new partner. If you do, he/she won’t receive a pension from us if you die. This is because you
   started cohabiting after your retirement (date).




Partner pension