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You are no longer cohabiting

If you separate, this has consequences for your pension.

You inform us that you are no longer cohabiting
Your municipality  does not inform us when you separate. This is why it is important to for you to do this yourself.

Send an e-mail to :
Or send us a letter to  : Pensioenfonds PGB
    Attn. Klantenservice
    Postbus 7855
    1008 AC  AMSTERDAM
Your partner pension is for your ex-partner
Your ex-partner receives partner pension when you die. Do you have a new partner? Then he/she does not receive any pension from us when you die. Not even if your ex-partner renounces the partner pension.

Please note: Did  you not register your ex-partner with us? Or did you only register your ex-partner  with us after your retirement date? Then your ex-partner will not receive any partner pension.