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Pension abroad

If you reside abroad, there are a number of things you must arrange yourself.

Important to remember:

1. Life certificate
Each year we need to know (from you) that you are still alive. This is because your municipality does not inform us when you die. This is why we send you the 'Life certificate' form each year. Have this form completed by the embassy, the population register or the police and return it to us.

2. Exemption from the Tax Authorities
Do you pay taxes in the country where you reside and have you not yet recieved an exemption from the Dutch Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst)? Then it is important that you do still apply for an exemption. Otherwise we will withhold taxes from your pension as well and you will be paying double taxes.

3. Passing on changes
You must inform us of these changes yourself:
You are moving abroad or moving while residing abroad.
You have a new account number.
- You are no longer living together.
You are getting a divorce.
Your partner has passed away.