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Voluntary continuation of your pension

​​On this page you can read exactly what voluntary continuation entails. You can also read what it costs, what the conditions are and how you arrange it. 

Wat is voluntary continuation?
Have you moved to a new job where there are no pension provisions? Or are you temporarily unemployed? If so, you may opt to continue accruing your pension with us. We refer to this as voluntary continuation. 

Wat does voluntary continuation cost?
Voluntary continuation is more expensive than accruing pension via your employer. This is because you are paying the entire contribution yourself: that is the part you paid and the part that your former employer paid. How much you actually pay depends on your pension scheme. 

How much pension can I continue accruing?
The maximum amount you can accrue is equal to the amount you accrued in your previous job. We proceed on the basis of your last-earned salary and the number of hours you worked. You will also be insured for your partner’s and orphan’s pension should you die.   

How do I arrange voluntary continuation?
You arrange it via However, you must make the arrangements within nine (9) months of leaving your job. You will then accrue pension with retrospective effect from the date that you left the company’s employment. In this context the following conditions apply:

- You will not reach state retirement age (AOW-gerechtigde leeftijd) for at least three (3) years.
- You are not accruing pension anywhere else.
- You may only voluntarily continue accruing pension for a maximum of three (3) years. 

How do I stop my voluntary continuation?
If you have been accruing pension on a voluntary basis for less than three (3) years:
You should terminate the voluntary continuation in writing, observing a notice period of two (2) months. You should do so if you have a new job where you are accruing pension again, for example.

You can send an email to:
or send a letter to            :   Pensioenfonds PGB
                                              Customer Service Department
                                              P.O. Box 2311
                                              1180 EH AMSTELVEEN

If you have been accruing pension on a voluntary basis for three (3) years.
The voluntary continuation of your pension will stop automatically.

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